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Mick Hillyard
Mick Hillyard Mick has been playing in bands since he was 14 years old – That’s a long time, so should be able to sing a bit by now! He also plays some blues - based harmonica when required as well as percussion.
Sarah Hillyard
Sarah Hillyard What a voice! No, she’s not Aretha’s sister, but it’s hard to believe! Born in Spain, but brought up on the best of British and American music by her obsessive dad, Sarah delivers the goods every time!
Santiago Pampi Ferreiro
Santiago "Pampi" Ferreiro Probably one of the best, most experienced and respected guitar players in Buenos Aires. Everybody’s hero!
Guillermo Sznajder
Guillermo Sznajder The quiet one ( Every band has one!), but watch out for his solos – anybody heard of a guy called Eric?
Leandro Kizman
Leandro Kizman Most bass players go unnoticed, but Leandro is the heart and soul of this band. Watch that man!
Mariano Seiguerman
Mariano Seiguerman Mariano’s drumming is solid as a rock, but he can also break out on a solo as well. Hear him play Led Zep’s ‘Rock n Roll’ and you’ll see what we mean!
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